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Ahmad Caravan

Ahmad Caravan is the innovative product of World Travel Ambassador Sdn Bhd (WTA).

We have been exploring New Zealand and Australia by motorhome since 2012. Roadtripping is our way of experience the beauty of each countries. We have extensive choice of motorhomes for you to take on tour with your family & creating memories together. Our crew assure peace of mind, reliability and affordability when planning your trip.

We have the knowledge & experience to cater to all budgets, family sizes, wants and needs. From preparation, to discussing local attractions and places to stop, and park, our crew are with you to assist.

We recognize that many of Malaysian travelers are aware of this mode of traveling but not many have embarked on the adventure. So, we decided to introduce motorhome convoy packages to Malaysians.

The idea is to create a safe, fun and enjoyable roadtrip with fellow Malaysians be it couple or families. You will create a fond relationship with families and fellow convoy members and that is the experience of a lifetime.

For now, Ahmad Caravan takes Malaysians to explore the beautiful New Zealand & Australia.

The Advantages of Caravaning

The appeal is in the convenience of traveling from one place to another without the hassle to check in and out and carrying your luggage in and out few hotels.

Enjoy the freedom of traveling wherever and whenever you like. With a set route and an objective in mind, caravanning can turn the journey itself into a wonderful holiday experience that one can share intimately with loved ones.

Travelers have been known to get excited at the idea of being in different places every night and waking up in the fresh air amidst nature after a good night’s sleep.

Why Choose Ahmad Caravan

We are travelers too. We recognize the need for change and adventure, especially for the rugged and adventurous. We traveled to New Zealand, Australia and Europe and experienced caravanning to make sure that Malaysian travelers will be knowledgeable and have insights about caravanning from our trip.

So, why choose Ahmad Caravan? Because we have the experience and passion to craft your best motorhome holidays with extensive portfolio of campervan and motorhome rentals. You can travel with a campervan or motorhome best suits your family be it just two of you or with your kids. From 2 berth campervan, budget hitop rental or luxury motorhome with shower and toilet.

We provide instant booking online with daily special rates and other rental options. You can plan your holiday right away!

We are the trusted tour agent with insights into Muslim travel, but mostly because we are travelers too and we did it first so you’ll be ensured of safe, enjoyable and memorable trip.

Explore The Beautiful New Zealand & Australia. 

Explore The Beautiful New Zealand & Australia. 

Explore The Beautiful New Zealand & Australia. 

Explore The Beautiful New Zealand & Australia. 

Explore The Beautiful New Zealand & Australia. 

About our Company

World Travel Ambassador Sdn Bhd

World Travel Ambassador Sdn Bhd is a boutique travel agency that has been in operations for over a decade. We specialize in corporate tours and tickets, company incentive trip and private tours worldwide. We also offer similar packages offered by many other tour operators but have found our niche with the rugged and the adventurous trip which is Ahmad Caravan.